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Anne Bartholomew

Information about the councillors that represent Anne Bartholomew

Francesca Robinson

Town Council Representative serving on: Nunnery Lakes Advisory Committee and Thetford Music Project (alternate).



Information about the councillors that represent Boudica

Jenny Hollis

Chairman of Venues, Events and Marketing Committee.

Town Council Representative serving on: Energy Power Resources Thetford and Thetford Youth Council.

Mark Robinson

Mark is from originally from Dagenham , making his home here over twenty five years ago. He is actively engaged with several community & charity groups including jobs in Thetford, TARAs awards, and also a trustee of Keystone Development Trust. He is married with two children Mark operates two businesses from his Thetford office. He is keen for the town to progress both culturally & economically taking advantage of opportunities arising from the duelling of the A11.

Vice-Chair of Venues Events & Marketing committee.

Robert Kybird

Town Council Representative serving on Energy Power Resources Thetford.


Information about the councillors that represent Burrell

Chris Harvey

As a local and a great believer in grass roots democracy and a long term Labour voter I wanted to stand for Council to give residents a voice which seemed to be ignored and give something back to our town.

Denis Crawford

Denis moved from London and settled in Thetford in 1972. He worked at Baxter Healthcare as a machine setter and then at Thetford Sports Centre as the Catering Manager. Since making Thetford his home Denis has become a County Councillor for Thetford East and Town and district councillor for Burrell Ward. He is a member of the Redcastle Furze Residents Association and Governor of Raleigh Infant School.

Town Council Representative serving on: Energy Power Resources Thetford, Street Drinking Committee.

Sylvia Armes

I believe the town council should be free of politics. I am an independent councillor fighting for the very best for Thetford; ensuring facilities are improved with good value for money. I want to maintain the traditions of the Town council ensuring Breckland Carries out their full responsibilities such as improving car park facilities it, and maintaining our river corridor. I would support all sensible initiatives regarding town improvements.

Town Council Representative serving on: Thetford Municipal and United Charities, Thetford Music Project and Thetford Twinning Association.

Terry Jermy

The youngest member of the Council joined in July 2008. He is a member of the Amenities Committee, Finance Committee, Personnel/Health & Safety Committee and the Planning Committee.

Terry is passionate about supporting children and young people in Thetford and supporting our local communities.

Town Council Representative serving on: Charles Burrell Co-Operative Ltd Trustees and Greater Thetford Development Partnership.


Information about the councillors that represent Castle

Jane James

Jane is a Certified Bookkeeper and mother of two, a life-long learner she has recently completed her Open University degree and is now looking forward to devoting the necessary time and energy in serving as a Town Councillor.

Jane grew up in Thetford and was educated here, Jane and her family are proud to call this beautiful part of East Anglia ‘home’.  As someone who believes in getting involved, Jane is currently Treasurer of Thetford Netball Club, where she still enjoys playing having been a member since the age of 16.  Jane is also treasurer for Link Up: Breckland’s Talking Newspaper for the Blind.

Jane’s support for the young people of Thetford is aptly demonstrated by her involvement with the 3rd Thetford Scout Group.

Jane has served as Chair of Governors at both Raleigh Infant School and Admirals Academy.  Additionally, she has served as Chair of the Thetford Cluster Steering Group.

When asked what she wants to achieve:

“I want to work for the common good of Thetford, regardless of Party allegiance and background: We are all Thetford.  I am particularly keen to see the preservation and regeneration of St. Peter’s Church as a cultural and community hub, having fond memories of evenings there in as a teenager in the church youth club.

We are privileged to live in such a beautiful landscape and I support the good management of the Town’s Common and Open spaces, being mindful of the adage of leaving a place better than when you arrived.”

Chair of Finance Committee.

Roy Brame

All invitations to the Mayor must be sent to the Mayor’s Secretary as follows: by post King’s House, King Street, Thetford, IP24 2AT, by phone 01842 754247 or email

The Town Mayor is an ex officio member of all the Committees and Chairman of the Planning Committee.

Roy Brame was born in Thetford and has run his own retail business in the town for more than thirty years. He first served as a Conservative on the Town Council in 2007 and takes great pride in the heritage of the Town which was once a cultural and industrial centre. The Burrell engines were known throughout the world and Thomas Paine is a renowned historical figure. Roy’s aspirations as a councillor are that we could use these wonderful legacies and marvellous location to bring commerce, industry and pride back to Thetford and make it a modern, beautiful, inspirational town to live in.

Town Council Representative serving on Diss, Thetford and District Citizens Advice Bureau (alternate).

Stuart Wright

Town Council Representative serving on Thetford Tourism and Heritage Partnership.


Information about the councillors that represent Priory

Mike Brindle

My aims for Thetford are to see  more varied jobs available, to protect our heritage, develop tourism and to make the Town Council more accountable.

I strongly support the development of community and youth facilites such as Charles Burrell Centre.  Thetford should have more control over our own future!

Town Council Representative serving on: Charles Burrell Co-Operative Ltd Trustees and Nunnery Lakes Advisory Committee (alternate).

Brenda Canham

Having served on Thetford Town Council for the last four years, my decision to re-stand was easy. Having served on various committees I felt there was still work to do and would like to see it through. Our Town is a place of historical interest which the Council maintains for the future, but we must also think of the younger generation and their future and therefore meet their needs too.

Town Council Representative serving on: Burrell Museum Board of Trustees, Charles Burrell Co-Operative Ltd Trustees, Street Drinking Committee, Thetford Grammar School Educational Foundation, Thetford Municipal and United Charities and Thetford Youth Council.

Mark Taylor

Town Council Representative serving on: Safer Thetford Action Group and Street Drinking Committee.

Vicarage Road

Information about the councillors that represent Vicarage Road

Colin Burnett

I wanted to become a councillor so that I could look after the interests of the residents of Thetford. I will push for a small play park in the Glebe Close area as there are currently no play areas in this ward. I will address the parking problems in Vicarage Road & Croxton Road particularly the illegal parking. Finally I will try and do something about the rubbish and the general state of the area. It would be helpful if residents formed a Residents Society to work with me to accomplish these aims.

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